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Upstream Consultancy Services

Emtedad engineering company (EEC) serves the upstream services comprises technical and operational advisory in well services, such as cementing, stimulation, coiled tubing, directional drilling, core analysis, etc.
We offer outstanding services to guarantee the safety and integrity of the well, minimize the time and cost of the project and optimize the production throughout the lifespan of the well. We strive to combine our field experiences with engineering knowledge to deliver the persistent high-quality services to our clients.

Coiled Tubing


Coiled tubing is a very long, continuous metal pipe which is spooled on a large reel. The pipe diameter varies from 0.75 to 4.5 in and the operating length ranges from 2,000 -17,500 ft. .Read more

Directional Drilling


Directional drilling is the method of drilling the non-vertical well by controlling the deviation and direction of a well to reach to a predetermined point.Read more

Well Cementing


The placement of cement slurries into the annulus between casing and open hole or previous casing or both to provide zonal isolation, support axial load of casing string, provide casing support and protection and support the borehole. Read more

Well Stimulation well-stimulation

Well stimulation is the practice of using chemical or mechanical methods to enhance the production rate of the well. It is classified into two categories based on the pressure rating:Read more

Core Analysiscore-analysis

In the oil and gas industry, core analysis is a laboratory procedure for the determination of basic petrophysical properties of drilling cores to optimize production and maximize recovery.Read more

H2S Safetyh2s-safety

Hydrogen Sulfide is a chemical compound, known as H2S. It is a colorless, explosive, flammable, highly toxic and very poisonous gas. It may exist in the oil and gas reservoirs. Read more

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Emtedad Engineering Company
EMTEDAD Engineering Company (EEC) founded in 1969 and has been working for more than 40 years with a powerful body of Management, Engineering, Procurement and Trading professionals in oil and gas and energy sector. The primary work field of EMTEDAD was limited to Design, Procurement and Construction of Power Distribution equipment, but in the recent years Oil and Gas industry and clean energy have been the main focus of EEC.
Contact Info
  • Unit 3, Floor 1, No. 1, Corner of Yas Dead End, 38th Street, Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran
  • +98 21 88681973
  • info@emtedad.co.ir