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Professional Consultancy and Studies

Consultancy to Oil & Gas

Our professional consultancy  team comprises of principal and senior engineers and analysts who experienced mega international projects and so can give creative solutions for the huge project.

The fields our professional offer services for are:

Upstream Servicesupstream1

Emtedad engineering company (EEC) serves the upstream services comprises technical and operational advisory in well services, such as cementing, stimulation, coiled tubing, directional drilling, core analysis, etc.Read more

Zero Flaring Engineering

In the oil production, refining and manufacturing operations, the large amount of natural gas is flared daily around the world. Not only a valuable resource of energy is wasted, but also million Read more

HSE Services2

Based on International Labor Organization (ILO) reports, 8 work-related incidents occur every single second around the globe. If we assume that, at least one worker get injured at each incident, Read more

Tendering and Contractstendering-and-contracts

Strategy Consulting and AnalysisLabyrinth

Emtedad Engineering Company (EEC) has expanded its domain of services to Strategy Consulting by helping its clients in Oil & Gas and Finance sectors make strategic decisions which include Read more

Business Process Developmentbusiness-process-development

Consultancy and Negotiation for

Investment Opportunities in Iran


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Emtedad Engineering Company
EMTEDAD Engineering Company (EEC) founded in 1969 and has been working for more than 40 years with a powerful body of Management, Engineering, Procurement and Trading professionals in oil and gas and energy sector. The primary work field of EMTEDAD was limited to Design, Procurement and Construction of Power Distribution equipment, but in the recent years Oil and Gas industry and clean energy have been the main focus of EEC.
Contact Info
  • Unit 3, Floor 1, No. 1, Corner of Yas Dead End, 38th Street, Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran
  • +98 21 88681973
  • info@emtedad.co.ir